Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monochromatic Creamer

Monochromatic Creamer
Oil on Panel
Raw Umber and Titanium White.

I found this creamer while cleaning out the garage. It was with my salt and pepper shaker collection. There is a matching sugar bowl that is probably going to be todays painting. I think I am going to do a few mono chromatics and see what I can discover. I did a lot of playing in the paint on this. I put a stroke here and there and then wiped it out etc. It is a lot like drawing, only easier to erase.

I got my studio (art corner in the garage) pretty much set up and its just kind of nice to be surrounded by my stuff. It is funny how doing these studies seems a lot more genuine when I do them in a "studio" setting. It is completely a frame of mind, but its the frame of mind I have been hoping to get into since I started this quest to become a decent artist.

Tori-Girl is liking the studio as well. She came in and painted with her acrylics yesterday. It is nice to know that even though I have my own space, I don't have to be completely alone. I enjoy her company and she seems to enjoy our alone time. It is interesting how getting a space of my own could lead to a space for togetherness. I didn't imagine this when I first thought of claiming that space. It is a wonderful bonus.

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