Trist Adventures

Trist is a world that was started in 2002 when Neverwinter Nights first came out with a multiplayer game.  We didn't actually finish the worldbuilding at that time and we abandoned the project when we realized we would not be able to get the scope of the world we were building up and running on that platform.  Even though the project died, the world of Trist continued to thrive in our minds.  We picked it up, put it down and picked it back up again throughout the years.  Sometimes we would see elements or ideas in contemporary movies and books that were similar to what we envisioned in Trist and it would get the worldbuilding going again.   Our kids were interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons, so we would pull out places in Trist to play.  It has always been our place of refuge when our imaginations needed to run free.

If you travel through Trist, you can see how much we love our family.  The Tortonia Mountains are the tallest and most beautiful mountains on the Tytian Continent.  Tortonia is a combination of Tori and Toni, our daughters.  Tytian is named after Tyler and Christian.  The Breysis Desert is named after our daughters Brey and Alexis.  Declanoff is for our grandson Declan.  Of course, the world name, Trist, is after our youngest (and most curious) son, Tristin.  We continue to sprinkle these tributes to our tribe throughout the world. We kept some of the original names of our world in place.  The Tyreshevni elves, Maedenboren Hold, Larben, Borzar and a few others because it is always nice to remember the original vision for what we were trying to build.

When the kids grew up and moved out of our home, our need for a common playground increased.  We discovered Fantasy Grounds and it gave us just what we needed to turn our world into a long distance game table.  Between my art skills improving and our story ideas increasing, we have finally decided to use our free time to turn this idea into something we can share. Our goal it is to improve as we go and make stories our grandchildren can be proud of.  As our skills improve, it is interesting to see how the world has evolved and what changes we have made within that evolution.

I am going to start tagging my entries with #trist that are directly related to world building and campaign publishing.  Though our world is Trist, our combined story/illustration efforts will be under the name Trist Adventures.  You will see a lot of maps, a sprinkling of item illustration, and occasional NPC and possibly some whining about how hard this is to master on this blog.  If you are only interested in the images, be sure to check out my instagram or scroll through the thing at the bottom.

If you are familiar with Trist, May your shield hand always be cold.

The Road to Borzar Cover Art