Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Beginning of a Mess

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Oil on Canvas

This was my 2 hour study for today. I decided to get out a real canvas and do a study of my daughter Toni (Antoinette). It is a lot more canvas than I was remembering. I did a quick charcoal outline to get started. Toni read while I painted. It was very quiet out on the front porch between the two of us. I made the most noise with my brush scraping across the canvas.

Since I am using the natural light for this, I have about a 2 hour time frame to work with. She and I will pick up tomorrow about the same time to see if we can capture this interesting contrast of cools and warms. I am getting better at painting a moving target and she is getting better at sitting still.

I have a lot of mud going on. I didn't fix that charcoal very well and it kind of blended into the paint. I hope I can correct this tomorrow when we do the sitting. If I am lucky, I will get this done in two sittings.

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Jo Castillo said...

Anna, this is a great start. Will be waiting to see the progress and finish.