The Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was our 9th anniversary. We went to Adams Mill (Indiana) to remember the old times and enjoy the beautiful country side. We had a picnic under the trees and fed each other strawberries. We toasted sparkling cider (No drinking and driving going on here) and we simply enjoyed being all alone in the world for a little while. It is hard to describe how incredibly romantic the whole day was without sounding cliché. I think its better to live a cliché rather than hearing it.

We took some pictures of ourselves in the same locations we were in 11 years ago when we went there together for the first time for some "Then" and "Now" contrasts. We were a lot thinner then. We were a little younger, a little more naive and we both had a lot more hair. Today we are a lot wiser, a lot stronger in character and quite a bit more stable. I am happy to accept that trade off. The deciding factor is that even though we thought we could not love each other more back then, we somehow found a way.

Here are some photo's of our adventure. I am going to upload some of them in a larger format to the reference library on Wetcanvas if you want to use them.


Jo Castillo said…
Beautiful photos. Congratulations, sounds like a perfect day!