Monday, March 26, 2007

Monsters in the Closet

Here is a doodle of an idea I have for a trompe l' loeil in my closet. I am going with the missing sock theme. I think I am going to start small with something like this and then work my way up to something a little larger in more public areas.

My Daughter posed for some monster ideas this weekend. We had a lot of fun and I got some pretty nice reference pictures. This one has some fun perspectives to play with for a ceiling. I am not sure which ceiling, but I am sure the girls and I will figure it out. We have several closets to pick from. If the girls have their choice, we will have a monster in every closet in our home.

I laugh when I think of a Realtor trying to sell our house, if we do put a monster in every closet. It is a good thing we don't plan to sell this place any time soon.


jafabrit said...

Oh what fun and I love the photo of your daughter.

Madster said...

I love the idea of the sock monster, you might consider adding the "mate" to the image, being left behind...

When fLASH posts on the forums to praise a blog, it has to be pretty special, he is not much of the "blog" type. He's right in this case, though. You do some really impressive and creative stuff!


I LOVE YOU said...
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