Sunday, August 07, 2016


My next piece is a smaller 5.5 X 8,5 piece I am calling Peace.

The sketch.  Beside the sketch is my copper wire holder. 

A piece of electrical copper wire fits nice and snug in the ink cartridge (with the tip removed) of a typical ball point pen. 

Still working on this. The copper points take layer and layer and layer after layer to get nice and dark. 

Discovery - The execution

I decided to redraw my reference more precisely on a piece of 11x13 Bristol board. 

This is where I ended up stopping on this. I still might refine some of the cracks before I mat it up and call it a finished piece. 

Thursday, August 04, 2016


I was fiddling around with my 9x18 sketchbook and doodled this. 

I really liked the idea, but hated the ribbons 

So I did a better drawing on some Bristol board so I could erase and play around with the idea some more. 

So this is where I landed. I may do another version of this again.