Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall sketches begin

The kids got on the bus this morning for the first day of school. Summer went very fast for me this year, but I think everyone was ready to begin a cycle of normalcy. I haven't had a day to myself since the end of May. The kids were very ready for social interaction with anyone they were not related to.

I listened to a Zencast podcast about attention that I downloaded a few days ago in anticipation of an hour of uninterrupted time. My Pandora was ready with my Supertramp list. I did some much needed chores and found myself feeling .... artsy. I forgot how "artsy" feels. It is a peaceful energy that comes over me that gently pushes me toward blank spaces and gives my hand the tingles. I found my sketchbook very quickly considering we tore apart the bookshelf and everything is in a much different order than it was before. My mechanical pencil was safely tucked away in a drawer next to my kneaded rubber erasers. The only thing stopping me from sketching was worry.

I worry a lot. Todays podcast seemed like a direct message. I worry about money, kids, husbands, dogs, garbage, organization, conversations with people I will never have in my lifetime and assorted nonsence that would be hard to explain. I think fast. I get stuck on a subject and work it over in my head to a ridiculous level. Unfortunately, thoughts alone do not achieve anything. It is what I do with them that counts.

When worry replaces actions, or making a true decision, it becomes counter productive.

That was my thought for the day as I grabbed the first reference photo on DeviantArt and began to draw. When I am ready to act upon or make decisions those other thoughts might come in handy. For today, they were just getting in my way.

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Nardeeisms said...

This sketch has a definite 60's Florence Ballard of "The Supremes" feel to it. I really like it. ~Nards