Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Juggling Act

On Friday, I decided to take on the challenge of participating in the WDE at Wetcanvas. The picture that really caught my eye was the lizard. With panel in hand and my painting supplies nearby, I began to draft out the basic shapes.

The Lizard after 2 hours...

Unsatisfied with the results of two hours worth of work, I began to fiddle with it here and there between child care, husband care, dog care, dinner care, laundry care and sleep. Somewhat frustrated, I put the lizard away and decided to work on it during the week. On Monday, I began doing my housework, phone calls and various stay at home mom activities. Tuesday was much the same as Monday, with the exception of getting a little bit of painting in on the Lizard.

The Lizard after several hours...

The big plan was to do this thing in black and white. Once that was dry, I would begin to glaze color over it to give it color and really make this thing pop. While it seemed to be a very nice plan, I did not take into consideration that I ruined my 2-hair brush that I used to make those tiny little lines and I cannot for the life of me get the eye on this lizard correct enough to move on to the color stage of this painting. If you have ever tried to stick your finger in a pinhole, then you understand the futility of trying to paint this eye with a brush too big. I know the shapes I am looking for. I can do it with a pencil. I cannot seem to get that shape with my brush.

I have come to the realization that I will have to purchase another 2-hair brush. Finishing this lizard is irrelevant. The brush is a necessity.

After giving up on the lizard, I decided to pick up the sketchbook and follow my children around the house to catch them holding still for a few moments. When they were not cooperative, I tried to draw the dog. Like the children, they know when I am drawing and they move and scamper as quickly as the children.

Eventually the kids turned on the television and I stared at them as they stared at it. I got a few decent studies in before it was time to go to bed. The sketch below was my favorite of this group.

The juggling act is something I am learning to master. I am learning to work on art in small spurts. I am trying to teach myself to find that zone much faster than I used to. I am also trying to keep a certain level of clean going on in my house as I give focus to my studies. I am either focused on the Mom role or focused on the art. Through the holidays, I was focused on the Mom and family roles. Now that the holidays are done, I tend to want to focus on the art. Why can't I do both? Is it like talking and drawing? Does one eat up so much of my brain that the other ability shuts off?

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