Thursday, March 26, 2009

Observing Life

These are todays sketches. Not a lot of wow, but a little better than the slacking I have been doing. I am finding joy in sketching again. I am not sure where I lost my joy for sketching, or why. Rather than be analytical about it and over think the psychology of losing joy in something that has always been enjoyable, I will just spend my time looking for a pencil and more paper.

The biggest disadvantage when working from life is that life is constantly changing. The sun is always moving the light around. People are always shifting while they try to hold still. Things are always changing around us. While life is passing me by, I am steady working in that moment between what I originally noticed I wanted to sketch and what my sketch is becoming.

I think I am going to stop picking on myself for being a slow artist.

That is my thought for today. That is what I thought about after each of these sketches. If it takes me an hour to draw a simple apple sketch, so be it! If it takes me 20 minutes to get a finger right, then I might as well spend 30. Right?

I found this post on Concept Art:
Balance between improvement and productivity

It is a good question with some very good answers. Its one of those posts that make me go "Hmm.. " In fact, I have said "Hmm... " several times today thinking about it. I am not sure why I never really thought of art study like this before. Perhaps lack of patience with myself? Ack. Now I am sounding like my father! Yes, I believe I am going to be nicer to myself and be patient with my turtle speed.

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JafaBrit's Art said...

I have fallen prey to the same problem, if I just do studies then I am not being productive which is silly really isn't it. I mean we are being productive whenever we draw, or play with paints and crafts. It is being locked into the idea that one must have a product every time one spends time creatively that is a danger. Well your post made me go hum! too.