Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sketch, Sketcher, Sketchest

SketchMy understanding of volume and three dimensions is in dire need of work. After doing my line exercises, I took out my sketchbook and started sketching. The circles are my attempt to wrap my head around circular objects and find intersections. From the looks of things, I need to do quite a few more of these. I am still struggling with it.

The next two sketches are just objects on my front porch. The soon to be famous "Rock" and my coffee cup. My understanding of perspective as it relates to atmosphere is not as much of an issue. For some reason, that comes much more natural for me. My understanding of perspective as it relates to line placement seems to be a huge issue.

SketchWhen you are self taught, it is very hard to nail down what the underlying problems are. Let's face it, your teacher is an idiot. Many times throughout my studies, I have had to go back to basic concepts and backtrack to learn something. I can't really say that learning perspective is back tracking, but had I learned it well many years ago, I might have prevented a lot of distorted work.

It is also very important that I start thinking in geometric terms. While my concentration is on spherical objects, I need to find the spheres in everyday objects. I need to discover intersections and follow them.

Learning to understand what I see is challenging. I am forcing myself to stop assuming I know this information already and look at things with a fresh evaluation. It isn't as easy as it sounds. What I think I know wants to leak in and take charge. It is really too bad I can't take pieces of my brain and hit the delete key so I can fill it up with more accurate information. It works in a word processor.

If you are really interested, I also wrote down some numbers on that page with a cup to use on the Lottery. I generally do not play the lottery, but I have been feeling incredibly lucky lately, so .. why not?

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