Thursday, August 07, 2008


5x7 Canson Sketchbook

I am feeling incredibly recharged and hungry for expression. My goal was to post at noon, so this is my attempt to do one of my 43 things.

As I was sketching this, I also made a list of 10 possible ways to use this sketch:
  1. Put her on a rock and turn her into a mermaid
  2. Paint her as is.
  3. Put her in a bottle looking out
  4. Sit her on a shoulder
  5. Add wings and make her a fairy
  6. Add a mask
  7. Give her elven ears and make her an Elven princess
  8. Turn the drapery into a dark ocean
  9. Give her something to look at
  10. Put her in a large hand
In addition to a sketch, I stretched out some canvas greeting cards and put a few layers of Gesso on them. I can't wait for them to dry and start putting a wash over them to get all that pretty white covered up!

Now I can check off a task on RTM, add an entry to 43 things and get back to playing with this sketch!


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the sun melting in the winter !!!!!!!

The Fearless Blog said...

She is exquisite! I imagine her n a white dress on a green field overlooking a cliff. There are a few wild tulips sprinkled around her feet, blowing in the wind. The sky is a bright blue, no clouds.

She is at peace, serene and powerful.