Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harvest and some quickies

I am calling the girl "Harvest" and I am offering it up as a Giveaway. I used Rebecca Parker Stock images as a reference.

The other is just a bunch of gesture poses I did from Posermaniacs. I am not fast enough to do the 30 second poses, so i did 90 second. It still doesn't seem like enough time, but I was happy with a couple of them.

This took much longer than I want to admit. I cannot talk while I draw. I cannot draw while I talk. When it comes time to have a discussion, I have to choose one or the other. Switching back and forth between the two makes me frustrated. In my attempt to be a multi-tasker, I really messed up this drawing several times. Lucky for me, Charcoal is very forgiving.

I hate to be mean and tell people "I can't talk to you right now." It is hard to explain how I need to draw. Loving them and talking to them has nothing to do with my need to draw. I need to draw regardless of my relationship with them. So I try really hard to find that sense of balance. How much time do I give them? How much time do I give my studies? It is a juggling act.

Today I chose not to hurt feelings. I didn't accomplish nearly what I had hoped to accomplish.

This is the last of the pink paper. On to the other colors!

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Anonymous said...

I really like the quickies!