Sunday, August 10, 2008

Figure study

Figure Study
Charcoal on Artagain paper

This is in celebration of me cleaning my desk and getting it art ready. The countdown has begun and I have 3 days until school starts. I went into the garage and dug through my art locker to find some paper to do some drawing. I found the Artagain paper and thought I would use it up. I hoard paper. Sometimes I think I am saving it for when I am really good. Other times I save it because I am afraid we will not be able to afford more. Both are pretty silly reasons and when I evaluate the excuses, they do not hold up to the "are you serious?" test.

I like this pose. I am drawn to it. (no pun intended) I got the original image from Lockstock on Deviantart. My mind has not worked out all of the details, but this pose is begging to be part of something. This particular model has tons of wonderful photos to work from and I always enjoy her portfolio.

This particular drawing is up for grabs to the first person that is willing to frame it, pay postage and give me an address to send it to. I have decided that not only am I going to stop hoarding paper, but I am going to stop hoarding art as well. See this if you would like it. It is first come, first serve.

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