Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Friends for Life!

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What is better than having the two most adorable friends in the world? Sharing your friendship with your family!

Bruce (top right) and Eric (bottom left) are the best friends a girl can have. I met them 24 years ago when we were in the Army stationed in Hochst, Germany. As we sat there rehashing old stories and catching up on the between then and now, an overwhelming wave of emotions washed over me. The stories we tell are funny and they made us laugh so hard that our family laughed with us. The stories behind those stories are the ones I was really feeling. "I got your back" and "I love you no matter what" and "You were the one that helped me get through the hard times" that didn't really get told in words. Those were whispered in the looks we gave each other as the stories were being told. I was a young, naive and scared little girl without much of a family to call her own... wearing combat boots.

Meeting their families and enjoying their children and grandchildren was such a touching experience for me. I could see the very same pieces of what made me love the guys in thier daughters. It was poetic to see our three teens get along the same way we did 20+ years ago. I loved Trish and it was easy to see why Bruce loves her. My family understands why I have always claimed that those two guys are more family to me than my blood relatives.

There were 14 people in my house for 6 days. We were crowded and cramped and it was noisy and crazy, but everyone got along fabulously and as far as I know there were no harsh words spoken or feelings hurt. Amazing!

I bawled my eyes out when I hugged the kids goodbye. I think I hugged Trish 3 times before I let her get in the van. When I hugged the guys the song ran through my head that we played when both the guys left:

only this time, I am not afraid I will never see them again. My heart was not broken, it was fully mended. We were whole - I am whole. It was a dream come true and my tears were joyful. I hated to see them go, but what a gift it was to have an opportunity to watch them go home... again. When you are young, you make friendships that you hope will last forever. Once in a while you get lucky and it really happens. I am the most fortunate woman in the world. I am loved by the best family and the best friends in the world!


Nardeeisms said...

Anna, what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful inspiring post! The joy in the picture is unmistakable. I am so glad I took the time to visit. - Nards

The Fearless Blog said...

Hi Anna

I am never sure what to expect when I visit your blog, and so I always look forward to it. I have admired your artistic work, your photographs, your stories and videos. However, this post has warmed my heart in a most peculiar way. The love in your words gushes through the page with such ease. Some people cannot comprehend such close friendships especially when the people involved are from the opposite sex. But I do understand.

I only have two very dear friends; one is a woman I have known since the third grade. She "is" my sister. The other dear friend is man I have known since college. He "is" my brother. I feel for them much the way you feel for these two guys. In my darkest hours, neither one of them has ever left my side.

""I got your back" and "I love you no matter what" and "You were the one that helped me get through the hard times" that didn't really get told in words."

Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am to have such great friends. Your post is truly inspiring...