Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Funeral Music

While browsing last night I came across a couple blogs that were listing their choices if they could pick their own Funeral Music. Writing from the Inside Out and Layla's Classic Rock Faves. For the rest of the night, I kept thinking of song after song that I thought described how I felt about the people I would leave behind. I couldn't get them out of my head once I thought of them, so I caved in and made a playlist. I am sure this is not complete. Now that I have the "funeral project" burning in the back of my mind, I bet I think of several more songs I would want to include.

So now I ask anyone that reads this: What would you pick as your funeral music? Leave a comment with a link to your choices.


Nardeeisms said...

She's Gone - By Hall and Oates (with this EXACT video). I would hope that everyone would understand my sense of humor. Thanks for asking Anna - Nards


Anna Sellers said...

That is a good one! I love it!