Monday, May 12, 2008

Poodle Skirts and Prom Dresses

This is an art blog and I haven't posted much art lately. I have been doing sewing projects like Poodle skirts and Prom Dresses. My girls are doing a Grease Musical for their choir concert tonight. I made a black one (pictured) with matching hair ribbon and a pink one with a matching neck scarf (not pictured)

The bottom is a picture of the prom dress I made for my sons girlfriend. She is amazing and I was very happy to do this for her.

I took 4 years of Home-Ec in High school. I finished my requirements in my freshman year. They didn't even have 4 years worth of classes. My Home-Ec teacher called my last year "Individual studies" so they had something to put on my report card. When I sew something up for my kids, it feels good to justify why I took all those extra classes.

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