Sunday, May 18, 2008

Left Hand Madness and Real Love

More Sketches on 18x24 Newsprint

I am really enjoying my "doodle time". Most of this is my left hand (I am right handed) without looking. I love the way my left hand has no boundaries as to where it will go to make a mark. It is kind of like watching a baby veer to and fro in an effort to maintain balance on those first few steps.

Drawing blindly with my left hand amuses me. The drawings are so bad they are funny. The first close-up is half blind and half corrected with a lot of laughter in between. This is me, making fun of myself drawing. Yes, I really do get a crazy look on my face when I am drawing. Yes, I really do move my mouth, like its going to help guide my pencil in the right direction. Yes, I really do wear sweatshirts when everyone else is in shorts.

The second close up is a quick impression of my daughter sitting on the stairs near my desk. I love how she holds her feet and wiggles her lanky legs. I love how her arms and legs seem so very long on her 5'3" body and appears to be much taller than that. I love that far away look she gets when she is thinking. I love her long hair and I love her long toes. I love how she can't stop singing no matter how many times she is told to "be quiet". I love how she holds her hands limp at her wrists when they have nothing to do. I love how she grins from ear to ear when she wakes up from the semi-dream state like this and realizes I have been sketching her. I love how very humble she is, even though she is a fantastic singer, dedicated writer and incredibly thoughtful family member. (She is the kid that goes around the house reminding everyone to buy birthday presents and sing happy birthday when a sibling wakes up). I love her loud. I love her quiet. I love her. I just love her.

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