Monday, April 07, 2008

The Creative Mind and Image Streaming

I was browsing through Jafabrits blog on Friday and came across this post. That lead me to 32 Traits of Creative People.

After reading through it, I was going to give my reply, but I got completely caught up in clicking link after link. I am a sucker for creative challenges and creativity boosting. No matter how many of those traits I can identify with, I want to be more creative. No. I need to be more creative. I crave creativity.

Many relentless clicks later I came across an article on visualization techniques called "The Last True Magic". This is the act of closing your eyes and visualizing something to the point that you can draw without a model. While I have done something similar to this before, I have not tried this exactly this way. This is something I have to play with. There are some really great ideas for tapping into visual memory.

Just when I thought I was done browsing the web and ready to start playing with this theory, I gave one more click and landed on Image Streaming. Image streaming is quite simply recording in as much detail as possible those images you get when you close your eyes. I am already a big fan of daydreaming, so this is taking it to another level. Apparently, this is not just a huge depository of images for the creative mind, but this also helps improve your intelligence. Einstein used a similar method in his work.

Like a good wife of the ultimate skeptic, I did a google search to get a second opinion of this. It is on Wickipedia, so it has to be true! I found the scientific information I needed to explain it to my husband on The Enchanted Mind.

The theory here is that if you are speaking aloud an experience that you are witnessing in your mind, with your eyes closed, you are actually causing the brain to make neural connections cross-hemispherically that were previously not there

They also had an article on doodling that almost sidetracked me from my investigation. While this can lead you to some very interesting spiritual theory and creative uses for image streaming, I am primarily concerned with creative problem solving and creative thinking.

My husband and I gave this a try. We are working on a creative project together and thought "what the heck". I think it is very important to warn you that if you do this before you go to bed, you may end up having some very interesting dreams. We did not experience anything harmful or scary, but both of us reported dreaming vividly. I could not recall any of my dreams. My husband solved a very important problem in his dream. What the problem or solution was, is unknown. However, we did both wake up feeling very clear. This could be due to the very meditative nature of image streaming. One of the side benefits of doing this as a couple is that it was fun. If you are broke and bored, this is a great money free activity!

Here are some additional links:
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This is a link to a portal that uses image streaming in an ongoing project:
Project Sanctuary

I am not sure if this makes me:

20. self-actualizing The psychologist Abraham Maslow created this term in the 1960s representing the ultimate motivator of people the need or desire to be all you can be, to be what you were meant to be.


25. curious
Like the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland, creative people are continuously curious, often child-like.

but it definitely falls under:

11. able to fantasize
Stop looking out the window Billy. Susie pay attention. Teachers, parents, and even friends often tell creative people this. Highly creative people love to wander through their own imaginary worlds. This is one of the major themes of the very popular cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes. Both Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin's alter ego?) are perpetual CRAYON BREAKERS.

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like you're new template, and like you I get lost in the links :). glad you enjoyed the creative traits link, I thought it so interesting. I will be back to explore your links (have to go out for a metting), which look really interesting.

regards jafabrit