Friday, March 21, 2008

Save the Roses

Save the Roses
Oil on Panel

The sun outside was beautiful yesterday. It came through the window so nicely that I had to do a painting near it. So I put these roses down on a wooden box and started my initial sketch on my panel. Things were going along nicely and just as I finished getting all of my paint mixed, the phone rang.

By the time I got off the phone (a long phone call) the sun was starting to change drastically. I tried with all my might to save the original version, since it was so full of light and so happy, but alas, I lost it and the sun had changed so much by the time I got this done that I just could not keep the original image I wanted to paint in my head.


In our lives it is important to adapt and change as the world changes around us. We often fight to keep the original version of our dreams alive, when perhaps the best solution is to take a step back and find the beauty in what is happening right now.

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