Friday, September 07, 2007

Sketches and Jonathon Bowser

More sketches for the Scavenger Hunt and a sketch from one of my photos. I am already enjoying this sketching habit I am trying to develop. I like what it is doing to my sense of seeing. I push myself to do these really fast. Ok.. it may not be fast compared to other artists, but it's lightning fast compared to myself. I am one of those measure 4 times and then lay a line kind of artist. This scribble-scribble has always been an uncomfortable method to work with for me. Getting out of my comfort zone is doing wonders for my artistic self esteem. I am really not as bad at this as I thought I would be. When I thumb through the first sketchbook I ever used, I am miles from where I started. That's kind of inspiring. The idea that one day, I will pick up this little sketchbook and say the same thing in a few years is even better.

Jonathon Earl Bowser is a Canadian artist I have admired for years. I love the way he combines landscape and figures in an amazing harmony. I look at his site and think to myself "I want to do that". I don't necessarily want to copy his methods or subject matter. I want to find that harmony. This is why I study figures, landscapes, and still life in exclusively.

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John said...

Wow Frankfort Indiana! Hahahahaha I'm from Anderson Indiana. Now in Reno Nv. hey great sketches here I'm going to keep an eye out for your work over at wet canvas. have a great day!

John Cartuneman

Jo Castillo said...

Anna, nice group of sketches and thanks for the link to Bowser. I like his landscapes.


Anna Sellers said...

Hey John!

Life is a funny thing sometimes. We moved from Reno Nevada back home (my husbands home) to Frankfort about 6 years ago. We missed the green and believe it or not.. the corn.

Love your cartoons. I am going to add you to my blog list. Gotta support a fellow Hoosier!

John said...

Thanks for the link I'll have to do the same! Wow that is weird. Ya I miss the green but I don't miss the humidity. hahaha I love the west now and don't think I'll ever move back. But one never knows huh?
Well, i better get back to work so have a great day!