Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sketches and Determination

Some very quick sketches for Scavenger Hunt #54. I am determined to do these in order for the challenge. I don't have anything to sketch in color with, so I have to at least attempt the other challenges.

Determination - has a variety of entries for Determination. Wikipedia is a lot more simple but it has lots of interesting links to related words. I like being determined. I like doing things that seem a little crazy or beyond expectations for a purpose that some do not entirely understand. Most artists I have come in contact with are determined people. Todays tiny little effort to be determined had me standing in the rain to sketch these in order. Mind you, I did not get drenched, nor did I catch pneumonia. It isn't really such a big deal, but it's that tiny little pinch of salt that makes a dish taste better in my endeavors to become a good artist.

I really miss my paints. Funny how you miss something more when it is gone. I am determined not to let this stop me from working. I have always known there are things I should be doing that I don't always do, like quick daily sketches, thumbnail sketches and ideas for future works. Today is Fight Procrastination Day! I suppose this is a good day to start.

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