Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clinton County Art League - Small Steps

I attended the monthly meeting at our local art league last night. For months I have missed these meetings for one reason or another. It seems my attendance last night was in the nick of time for the call to the Fall Show, September 26-October 28. It is a members only show with a 20% commission on sales. I guess this means I need to get some work matted and prepared for the show. Work is due on the 24th. The show will appear in the Anna and Harlan Hubbard Art Gallery

I think my husband is as excited about this as I am. He has been watching me produce work for years and grumbled as I handed it to anyone that took a fancy to it. He has a point, of course. Now I have a place to show my work and I have very little work to take to the show. I cannot send my Aachen Studies to the show because of the nudity. This is a family friendly show. Although I don't produce work that I am embarrassed to put in front of my own children, we live in a very conservative area. That leaves me with my pointillism cat, some of those small studies and some older work that I produced years ago that is still hanging around. If only I had not given away my
Artemisia Gentileschi study... My husband is eventually going to give me an "I told you so" on that one.

The good news is that there is another show in the spring that I can prepare for. Once I am officially a member, I become eligible for their summer show as well. There is a show in November by "Friends of the Frankfort Library" fund raiser. It is by invitation only. Although it is not a Clinton County Art League show, some of the artist from the league are invited to show their work in that as well.

Joining the art league is a small step on a realistic level, but it is a huge step for me, personally. If it weren't for Wetcanvas and Conceptart and various forums on the internet, I would be living in an artistic vacuum. I had lots of great excuses for not joining; the kids, the dogs, the house and the time. The truth is, I was terrified. I am very self conscious about being primarily self taught. I feel horribly guilty for not completing my training at the Lafayette Atelier. Quite honestly, I didn't feel confident that my work was up to par.
If I were one of my children, I would tell myself to do this and use this as a learning experience. The very worse that can happen is that nothing will happen. There is no loss. Isn't it funny how wise you can be when you are not discussing your own life?

I will leave you with a very good quote I used to have hanging on my wall:

"The follies which a man regrets most in his life, art those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity" - Helen Rowland

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1 comment:

Jo Castillo said...

Anna, that is great that you will be in the show.

In our art league in Bastrop there is only one artist that went on to get a degree in art. Maybe two out of 100. You will not be alone in that area. You have studied and worked for a long time. That really counts. Practice and experience help you along. :)