Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Aachen Study - Venus nearly done

I have Venus pretty much placed. Now it is time to nit-pick and darken areas. That is a matter of layers and layers. To really complete them, I will probably do a "glaze" of pencil over the whole drawing and then pick out the highlights with my kneaded eraser. Something is wrong with Venus's eyes. I am going to have to take my drawing out to my mirror and have a look.

The trickiest part of this fabric I am working on currently is that there are wisps of white to indicate translucent fabric. It is just catching light in places. The way I am going to have to paint it is to give it a basic value and then scumble white into it. The way I am working this is to do the basic value and picking the lighter spots out with my eraser.

I should be able to start working on Juno today. She is going to be fairly easy until it comes to her hair. There are lots of little shapes in there that are going to be fun to map out and shade in.


Jo Castillo said...

Your work is beautiful on this. I commend you. I don't have the patience, that is why I like pastels I imagine. :)


Anna Sellers said...

Thank you Jo

In my attempt to "find my artistic voice" the the long and tedious work always seems to be my best song.