Friday, August 03, 2007

Aachen Study Complete

This phase of the study is done. This is pretty close to what my grisaille should look like. I always love pulling the tape off the sides of these when it is done. It feels so fresh and clean and new. I like the look of graphite for the same reason I like pointillism. At a distance it appears to be solid tone and when you get close, you see all the lines and hatch marks. I don't blend these for that reason.

I probably didn't have to do this quite as finished as I did. If I am going to make up an excuse, I will say it is for my "portfolio" to show my abilities in Graphite. The truth is, I wondered after all this painting if I still had a light enough touch to do a graphite piece. I am a little out of practice, but I am pretty happy with this one.

As I finished this up, I have been questioning myself how I can best use what I am learning on this study for an original piece of my own. The first thing that comes to my mind is that my daughter Tori has this pale porcelain skin that would really benefit from being rendered like this. You can really see the blue undertones in her skin. At the same time, she has the most beautiful red lips and red hair. While I am not sure what the theme of the painting will be, I am pretty sure who I would choose as my first choice for a model.

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