Friday, August 31, 2007

Aachen Study - Athena and Artist Statements

There isn't really a whole lot more progress on this compared to my last entry. There are a lot of meticulous punching in darks and bringing up lights left to go on this. My attention span has been short this week. Rather than push this too hard and have to repaint later, I have been painting until I start to lose my attention to details and calling it a day. I am almost embarrassed to show that it is only Athena that has had any real attention at all. The good news is that I am pretty pleased with what progress I have made.

I found an article on how to write an artist statement. I have been plugging away at some of the steps to see what I can come up with. An artist statement is one of those things I tend to avoid. I have had to trick myself into jotting down ideas. So if I were to make an artist statement, it might go something like this:

I am a practical romantic, if such a creature exists. I am as in love with the process of being an artist as I am the end result. In fast paced world of reality TV and information overload, it is both relaxing and necessary for me to slow down and take the time to cherish a few moments in every day. My work is a love affair with time and patience.

I have to credit my love for costume and clothing for my introduction to art. When I used to try to make my own designs, I would sketch out ideas. They were horrible drawings and I began to try to improve them. Pretty soon, I was doing more drawing than sewing. Today, my art is a vehicle to a creative world of its own.

I study masters of the past to gain understanding of form, color and composition. I use their examples to expand my visual vocabulary. Through this study, I hope to bring craftsmanship and imagination together to create an image that will engage the viewer on many levels.

It sounds a little "fu-fu"* to me, but its a start. That is what you get when you take an Indiana woman out of the cornfield. Right now, this Indiana woman needs to get back into the studio.

*Anna's dictionary:
Fu fu - More fancy in nature than what is necessary.


Jo Castillo said...

Anna, Wow, this is looking great. I so admire your dedication and perseverance. I am a try it quickly and if it doesn't work go on to the next thing sort of artist. You inspire me to pay more attention and have patience.


Anna Sellers said...

Thanks Jo,

I am a "take to long to make a mark" kind of artist.. haha. I genuinely tried to do quicker paintings and I discovered that I need to try and try again to feel satisfied.

I made much more progress on this today, though I painted too late to get a photo in natural light.