Monday, June 25, 2007

Tori's Paint Can

by Victoria Sellers
approximately 6x4
Charcoal on gray paper

Tori (my 10 year old) came out to the garage this weekend and asked for a drawing lesson. She has been playing with my charcoal and wanted to learn how to use it better. I set her up with a can and a light and proceeded to teach her the sight size method of drawing. She has seen me do this on countless occasions, so she caught on to what was going on pretty fast. Tori is a very precise child. Using a sight size method suits her personality well.

While we were doing this, she asked if we could have a drawing lesson party with her friends. She has lots of artist friends that would love to come paint and draw! By the time the conversation was over, there were plans to have Dad make lots of easels and we would have several stations out in the garage. We would have to order lots of charcoal and erasers! We would also have to get the special paper because they don't have the special paper in Walmart. We could make some cookies and we could set up a snack station. My garage was transformed into an amazing art school for girls in less that 2 hours. I love 10 year olds!

I am such a mom. I think this can is just fantastic and deserves a frame!

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Jo Castillo said...

It is a great drawing. Lucky you and lucky daughter and friends. Fun idea!