Monday, February 05, 2007

Doing the Dishes

Oil on 6x6 panel

I was at a loss as to what to paint today. I hit the Artwork from Life channel on Wetcanvas! and stumbled upon the scavenger hunt list.

This is the cakepan, dispan and towel. I discovered it is very hard to paint when facing a bright window. My eyes kept having to adjust to the light. Perhaps next time, I will not square up with the window.

I kinda like this painting in a weird boring sort of way. It is comfortable. This particular spot in my home is where I spend the most time. This is the "morning window" where the best scene of sunrise coming over the barn can be found. My coffee pot sits just to the right of this spot, so I can drink until I drown. At night, this is where my helper (one of my kids) stand drying dishes while I wash and we discuss anything from apples to zoo keeper as a career. Funny how a silly little boring scene can provoke an emotion like the serenity I felt when I was done. This is why I am an artist. I am sure of it.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Every once in a while I drift into the Fantasy art section of Wetcanvas to see what they are up to.

The Fantasy Art staff at Wetcanvas are hosting a Creature Feature for February.
The Icthyocentaur has the torso, arms and head of a human, the tail of a dolphin and the forelegs of a horse or lion. This is the aquatic version of a centaur.

I thought I would play with this idea to see how that would look. I would need to rethink those hips. I have a couple improvements to make. I am not even sure if I plan to take this to a higher level and actually create a scene with it, but this was a fun sketchbook entry.