Friday, January 26, 2007

Sea Shell - Copperpoint

Sea Shell
4x6 Copper on Canson Watercolor Postcard (2 coats of Blick Studio Gesso)

This is to practice for a silverpoint. I am testing to see if this gesso is going to work for a metal point drawing. The copper is just a piece of electrical wire shoved into a writing pen and taped. You have to have a fairly soft hand to do this. Layers and layers and layers are the key. Although I did this in about an hour and a half, I really could have spent hours on this and gone into much nicer detail. I had to sharpen the point on a piece of sandpaper a couple of times to get the point a little sharper. This gesso seems to work just fine. I was surprised at how easily it received the copper. Over time, this should darken and patina. I thought a shell turning green would be a nice effect.

I am sending this postcard to my dad so he remembers that I love him.

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