Thursday, January 18, 2007

Goal Check Time

I have reached the middle of the month so its Goal check time!

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  • Woman with a lute - Still needing strings on the lute.
  • Because I miss her - Not even finished with the grisaille.
  • The Structure of Man - Up to lesson 10
  • Learn to use composition rules effectively - Working on that with some of my small studies.
  • Learn to use color effectively - Working on that with some of my small studies.
  • Fill my small pocket sized sketchbook - nothing (Shame on me!)
  • Do at least one Silverpoint drawing - I have some ground tests running currently with copper.
  • Complete enough paintings/drawings to participate in at least one of the local art shows - Working on that with some of my small studies.
  • Complete at least one contemporary/surreal piece - nothing
  • Complete at least one real self portrait - playing with an idea.
  • Get in the practice of reviewing my goals monthly and mark my progress - Here I am!
  • Produce a portfolio/body of work so I can make more goals - I am painting daily, not sure if it will all be "portfolio work", but its building.
I seem to be in a skill building zone lately. That is always good. I have painted every day this week and starting to make it a good habit. I may not be sketching in my sketchbook, but my sketching skills are strengthening due to the sketches I do before painting. Getting out of the house to sketch when the cold sets in is like pulling teeth. All I want to do is stand in my slippers over the heat vents.

I have discovered that doing these daily paintings is killing several birds with one stone. I am working on color, composition and building an inventory of paintings all at one time. I never saw myself as a still life painter, however the illustrative work I want to do includes still life, so I am going to use this winter weather to my advantage. At the end of my daily painting journey, I should be able to combine still life elements and figure studies with ease.

My motto this month is: It's not what you paint, but that you paint that matters!

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jafabrit said...

I like your motto. It is wonderful to see how your goals are progessing.