Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progress on The Lute Player


I am having a tremendous amount of trouble with those fingers. My head does not want to wrap around the shapes she is using. The drapery is off a bit on both arms. I am trying to discover what the best underpainting colors would be. I also need to make sure I have the colors for the layers that I need. While I complete this drawing, I may need to order paint. I am not very happy with the charcoal I am using. There are some pieces that are not releasing the charcoal. That can be a bit frustrating.

I am getting anxious to finish this drawing and move on. I have to be careful at this point because I am prone to rushing a step in my anxiousness. I will catch mistakes that I could have corrected early, or worse, see a blantant mistake too late in the game.

I was going to dismiss the harp in the back, but after staring at this for a while, I think I will put it in. There is something soothing about it that makes this whole thing ooze with calm.

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jafabrit said...

This is looking great, enjoying your posts.