Friday, November 10, 2006

One Burned Dinner.. So far

Some progress made. I still need to fix those hands. Today will be face and hands day because that is bugging me tremendously. I could play with the drapery all day and those hands will not stop mocking me. I scribbled in some hair areas. I will go in and define that stuff later. I got a much better photo to work with (Thank you Nickel from Wetcanvas!) and discovered that there is a lot more details in the face and hair, as well as the drapery. It is kind of handy to have both images to work with. That way I get a good grasp of the values I am looking for.

I am being forced to put a sheet over this when I am not working on it because I keep wanting to do a drive-by fidget. Getting into the
zone is just too easy on this one. I have not kept track of the time I have put into this, but I can honestly admit to one burned dinner. I will keep track of that instead. You know that this has the zone suction attribute when I get a box of art supplies in from Dick Blick and I don't even bother to open it until the day is done!

I am hoping to get to the point of getting paint on this canvas by the time the weekend is over. I don't want to rush it and if it doesn't happen, that is okay. That just means that I spent more time with my husband and kids than I did with the Woman With a Lute.

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