Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am a thinker

I am Anna Sellers. I am a thinker.

This is a study for a self portrait.
Ivory black and Titanium white
9x12 Canvas panel.

In my final piece, I want to convey the thinking I do. I am not sure this expression is what I want, but I like the idea of staring beyond the hair that has drifted in front of my eye.

Should I be honest in the final piece? Should I show the baskets of dirty laundry behind me? Should I paint the school schedule that dictates my time for art? Should I paint my humble corner and warped mirror I am working from? How about the fake flowers that sit next to it that my daughter gave me for mothers day? After all, they do contribute to who I am.

How do you paint a hug. As the mother of 6 children, I live for the hugs as much as the artist in me lives for the art supplies. Should I paint photo's of my mother who gave me this face? Should I paint the hands of my grandfather who gave me this creative gene? Do I paint a strainer full of clean dishes to portray that I do a lot of my dreaming at the kitchen sink doing dishes?

The only thing I know for sure is ...

I have a lot more thinking to do

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The Fearless Blog said...

I have been here before, but after reading your comment on my blog I grew more curious about the avatar I occasionally see and always refer to as the "artist." I scrolled through, read a few posts and then found myself viewing a few years worth of self portraits. What a difference a few years make? The 2008 pieces glow, shine and "feel" good. I like those. As I read your posts I discovered that we share a lot in common. Funny, we were born just a few days apart although not in the same country.

Your art and your words have such depth. I need to spend more time here. :)