Thursday, October 12, 2006

.. And I am warm..

.. And I am warm..

Day 2
Burnt Umber on previous painting

I decided to try adding a burnt umber layer to this painting and perhaps refine some of my features. The lips and right eye are better, but the left is still a bit off. This does look a little more like me than before.

I am getting that old womans neck and throat. I can't say I am happy about that, but I might as well celebrate it, since I can't do a dang thing about it. Yes, I am getting those jowel thingies that hang off your bottom lip. Help! My face is falling!

I wonder, as I stare into the mirror if my mother would have looked like this had she lived this long. Funny how you can miss someone you really didn't know. Perhaps I just miss the idea of a mother. Perhaps in some strange way I connect myself to her when I look in a mirror. I wonder if Toni will do that when she gets older, since she has "our" face. Its odd to share a face with someone.

I am not sure why I returned to this painting. It was supposed to be practice for a "real" self portrait. Some things I learned are.. When you are dependant upon natural light to light your face, a cloudy day can really muff things up.

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