The Girls

A friend of my husbands uploaded some pictures from Afghanistan. This one in particular captured my heart. It didn't really occur to me why until I started sketching.

These two could easily be my girls. I have one that is always smiling and being friendly while the other is much more quiet and serious. It is funny how we attach our experiences to the images we see. Sometimes we don't completely realize how much.

I don't even know if these are sisters, but in my mind they were. I don't know if they talked to the soldiers that were taking their pictures, but in my mind, the older one started jabbering while the younger one tagged along listening quietly. I can't tell you if I was more captured by the photo or the story I concocted while I sketched.

I like the general look of this sketch. I think the composition holds together pretty well. This might be worth drawing up on nice paper.