My Demons

Not much time to work on art today. I got a new washer and dryer and now I am trying to catch up on the laundry.

The first two are just a couple composition ideas. I would really like to get into the good habit of doing these. If I can do them and not worry about how bad they are, I am sure I can convince myself to do more of them.

The last one is a redraw of my demon for the CHOW. This guy looks a little more evil. I still need to fix the hand and foot and add in some details. Even if I don't end up submitting this, it has been a fantastic learning experience. I have had to really think about body language and facial expression as communication tools.

I am seeing a lot of my weaknesses. I am pushing myself to fix the problems instead of burying them under some kind of disguise. In some of the advice to beginning artists, I read that it is a good idea to let your work tell you what you need to study. For example, I am really struggling with the hands and feet, so I should do studies of hands and feet. Using your weaknesses to guide you is great advice about any subject.
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