The word of the day at dictionary.com was Pugnacious. I was just playing around with what pugnacious might look like. I didn't have an eraser handy, so I just left my search lines. I noticed that what I thought might indicate pugnacious didn't always work once I got it on paper. It occurred to me that part of the reason some of these seem more sad than argumentative is because when I think of pugnacious, I think of a grumpy old person that is all alone. I think its very interesting how both lonely/sad and angry showed up on the page.

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Gregorio said…
It's cool to see you open your sketch books to people.I need to get more sketching in.
nardeeisms said…
LOL!! Anna, you captured "pugnacious" well! I LOVE words also, but lack the artistic talent to do what you do. From now on, when I think of "pugnacious"; it will be with the face you drew. - Nards
Anna Sellers said…
Thanks Nards and Gregorio.

I really enjoyed doing this. I think I will give it another shot soon.