The Yucca Shall Live in Eternity!

6x6 Oil on Panel

My husband hates these plants. We have two of them and every year he swears he will cut them down and rid himself of these ugly bushes forever. Every year, I give a little chuckle and listen to him rant about how he hates them. I had to smile while I painted this thinking "Even if he does eventually cut this thing down, I have a painting to remind him that it did exist!".

Quite honestly, this is a beautiful view from my front porch. I have my own little slice of paradise with the lush green of the corn fields as a backdrop and all the glow of a sunny morning to light these plants up. I may not have done this justice, but it is a reminder that every day I can wake up in the summer and soak in scenes like this as I suck down that morning cup (pot) of coffee. It will be kind of nice to have this memory on my wall in the winter months when I miss it so much.

Lucky lucky me.