Monday, January 11, 2010


Years ago, I knew her as Myltia when we played online roleplaying games.  After the baby was born, she died of  cancer.  We are still friends with the family and though we drift here and there, we still manage to keep in touch. It is a nice addition to my sketchbook. A sketch and a memory tied together. 

This is a sketch from a photo for a larger drawing.  I am working out ideas and getting my blatant mistakes out of the way.   I am not sure what the final drawing will be.  I need to make sure this is on something that will ship well.  The final will be heading to Canada.  I have lots of options.  Copperpoint, Graphite, Fixed Charcoal, Ink. Sometimes the possibilities are overwhelming.


Hehaub said...

you should do a stipple!

skdd said...

Beautiful love within your artwork. She would have really enjoyed this sketch.

Michèle said...

That girl you call Myltia was my cousin. Seeing your work, the video you did while drawing her... Left me breathless...

Thanks a lot for this.