Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tri and Tri again.

The Power of Three
6x6 Oil on panel

I have real issues with ellipses. I can't think of a thing they have ever done to me that makes me treat them so badly. I feel terrible when I am done and I realize that I have mistreated them, but in the moment, when I am standing there with paintbrush in hand, I am just.. well.. abusive.

To make up for it, I was really really nice to my website guys that can't figure out why some IP's are blocked to my website, including mine. I know, an abusive relationship is still an abusive relationship no matter how nice you try to make the public feel about you.

Maybe I will be nicer to the ellipses tomorrow. Perhaps I will see them for who they are and not my perception (Which seems a bit wonky) of who I think they are. Perhaps they will feel loved and lovable and stop giving me such a hard time in return.

If at first you don't succeed Tri and Tri and Tri again.

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