Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trusted Friends

Trusted Friends
Oil on panel

Got a bit of glare on this one and I am afraid the lighting is not much better in the other rooms.

We are breakfast people. We eat breakfast for dinner on many occasions. We have owned many spatula's to turn our pancakes, but none are favored like this one. It is a bit bent and pretty out of shape, but when it comes time to turn a pancake he is a pro. When it is missing the whole family goes on a search and destroy mission to recover this old friend from the enemy that would keep it from us. Everyone knows that a half turned pancake looks like. No one wants one.

So this is our trusted friend Mr. Spatula and his trusted friend the pinch crock.

I am playing with some Raw Sienna on this one. I haven't used Raw Sienna before. I kind of like it. It adds a nice warm glow to the other colors.


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Jo Castillo said...

Anna, this is lovely. I like the ordinary objects in this light they are mysterious. Nice. (I'm about a month behind in commenting...sorry.)