Saturday, September 15, 2007

Look! An Aay-gull!

Copper on paper

The Eagle has landed!
The Eagle has taken flight, I repeat, the Eagle has taken flight!
Look! An Aay-gull! (say eagle with a bad British accent)

These are just a few of the random saying that we said throughout the time I was working on this. You had to see a commercial floating around the web to get the last one. We really had fun with eagle jokes on this one.

I tried to take a picture to show the reflective light that comes off this as you walk past it, but alas, the photo just doesn't capture the true look of this. In one sense, this almost looks embossed, or that somehow the copper had been a sticker glued onto the paper. Unlike graphite, where the shine is spotty and not so uniform, copper gives off a glowing shine that looks beautiful under the right lighting. I am a big fan of copper for drawing. It does not have a large range of values, but the look of the copper is absolutely stunning compared to graphite.

I have not determined the price, but this one is going up for sale in the fall show. I spent approximately 24 hours on this piece, give or take an hour. Its hard to keep track of 15 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Making prices is really difficult.

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leslyf said...

Lovely work! Your details are up on Art Blogs 4 U .... and a warm welcome to you!