Thursday, August 02, 2007

Aachen Study - Juno Started

I have Juno started. It is hard to see, but I have mapped out most of those little places where that transparent fabric coming off her hair is going to pick up the light. I love all the folds in the fabric. The more it comes together, the richer this is becoming. My love for fabric is another driving force in my choice of subjects. In this case, that transparent fabric behind Juno is just fascinating to me.

In my quest to find my niche artistically, I would have to say that long processes are my favorites. I enjoy layers of graphite, millions of dots, or layers of paint. In a nutshell, I like anything that builds slowly off a base. While I give a gratuitous moan about how long this takes, my insides are just cheering because I really enjoy how adding a layer changes things and makes things more defined. It just makes me want to do another layer. There is a point, of course, where this paper will not accept any more graphite. When I start painting, I will have to fight that urge to add "one more little thing" to it.

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