Friday, June 29, 2007

Making fun of myself

Radio and Hammer
Oil on Panel

Much happier with todays results. It isn't glory, but its better than THIS one in my opinion. Just to be sure I didn't injure the radio, I put the hammer in my still life set up. Sometimes a girl just has to amuse herself. This is an example of my sense of humor. If you think thats dry, you are probably glad you don't have to hear this kind of stuff all day!

I changed the palette up a little. I opted to go a little cooler this time. I am still not sure if indicating the numbers on the dial was a mistake, but its there and its signed and I really need to leave it alone before I ruin it. I do like the reflection the fabric on the back makes on the top.

After making yesterdays post, I found an article on "The fine art of pushing yourself"

This may not be "pretty", but it is "pretty funny". I will probably laugh at myself every time I see this.

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