Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Selective Mutism and Yadda Yadda Yadda

Not much posting lately, I know. I am coming close to blowing my 3 times a week goal, so here is some Yadda Yadda Yadda.

My youngest daughter has Selective Mutism. She is silent in school and several public places. I have been busy getting her acedemic life on a plan. If you know of a child that is extremely shy you might want to look into it.

Here are some very helpful websites:

Being the parent of a Selective Mute child is challenging. It isn't so much the child that presents the problems, but the people that they come in contact with that must be educated. It is very hard for people to believe that a child goes into complete silence without having been abused in some way. It is very hard for people to believe that a child can be silent for 5 years at school and talk like there is no tomorrow at home. I suppose had I not lived it, I would have a tough time believing this as well.

I am, however, getting weary of the ones that I talk to year after year, repeating myself, restating the obvious, requesting the same requests, to be put off. This is her 5th year at this school and it was referred to, yet again, as an emotional disorder. That is frustrating. I am going to assume that this particular person does not understand the differences between an anxiety and emotional disorder. To do otherwise would just make me furious and I don't want to go there.

Ok enough potential ranting..

The good news is that life inside the walls of my home are going well. It looks like my oldest daughter is going to get to come home for quite a while over Christmas break. I do love to have her home. There is a warmth that swooshes over the house when she arrives. The other kids seem to be like metal to a magnet when she comes through the door. For a brief time, the house feels full and complete. If anyone asked me what I thought my most creative success is in life, I would have to say it is her. I reserve the right to claim more successes as the rest of the kids grow into adults and move out on their own. That seems to be the signature on the masterpiece.

I am just feeling thankful, I guess. I have more joy in a moment than some have in a lifetime. It is no wonder I am constantly trying to create beauty when I am surrounded by the most beautiful people I have ever met. (I know that is biased and I don't really care.) I live an inspired life. I am so very fortunate.


Anonymous said...

Aww I luff you mommy!

jafabrit said...

What a special post. Been through similiar issues with schools regards my children. I have never heard of selective mutism, but I understand the issue of anxiety and the frustrations you face with others in this regard.

all the best to you and your loved ones this holiday season.